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By Florida Dermatology Associates
February 08, 2021
Category: Skin Conditions
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Eczema is a general term used to describe a group of unrelated skin diseases. Over 30 million Americans are affected by this condition, and though it's possible to only experience eczema once, most cases are chronic. Intermittent flare-ups can begin to disrupt a person's daily routine. For a proper diagnosis, our dermatologist will identify lifestyle, environmental, and physical triggers.

Dr. Ruben Moreno or Dr. Frank Lee will also carefully examine the skin during a body-check to rule out other abnormalities. Individuals of all ages and skin types can develop eczema. If you live near our Cocoa Beach, Palm Bay, Port St. John, Suntree, Titusville, or Melbourne, FL, office, give us a call for a more in-depth conversation about our treatment options.

Causes and Symptoms of Eczema

Eczema begins for several reasons. It often relates to stress, hormonal changes, a weakened immune system, and asthma, but can also be associated with insect bites, hay fever symptoms, or other health conditions. When you notice dry, cracked, or scaly skin that suddenly turns into intense itching, please schedule a consultation with a dermatologist for relief. Other signs of eczema may include painful lesions or fluid-filled blisters.

Helping You With Your Eczema

Eczema might be manageable with at-home care, but our dermatologist doesn't recommend playing the guessing game about which creams to apply or moisturizers to use. When you visit our Melbourne, FL office, Dr. Moreno or Dr. Lee will assess the problem area and prescribe the appropriate treatment method depending on the individual. These may include medications, such as steroids, antihistamines, or a topical antiseptic.

Eczema symptoms can be mild but often painful. As this condition progresses, we recommend visiting our dermatologist immediately to prevent open sores and skin lesions. For more information about eczema, other conditions we treat, and services provided by our Florida Dermatology Associates, visit our website. Please call (321) 768-1600 for appointment scheduling with Dr. Ruben Moreno and Dr. Frank Lee in our Cocoa Beach, Palm Bay, Port St. John, Suntree, Titusville, or Melbourne, FL, office.