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By Florida Dermatology Associates
November 19, 2019
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Look your best with the help of your dermatologists in Cocoa, Titusville, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach, and Melbourne, FL.

Are you tired of shaving, waxing, or other methods of hair removal? Would you like smooth, hair-free skin indefinitely? If so, you need to explore laser hair reduction from Florida Dermatology Associates! Experts in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic services, Dr. Ruben Antenor Moreno and Dr. Frank Lee deliver wonderful results to patients of all ages from their offices in Cocoa, Titusville, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach, and Melbourne, FL. Learn more here:

Areas of unwanted hair

We all have them. For women, they're typically the upper lip, underarms, legs, and bikini line. Men often struggle with the chest, back, and shoulders. Where ever your problem hair is, your board-certified dermatologist can take care of it with innovative laser treatments.

The laser hair reduction treatment

Using a small, handheld laser tool, the doctor delivers short, focused bursts of light to the areas that you want to be treated. The laser actually vaporizes the hair and permanently de-activates the hair follicles.

Given that hair grows cyclically, most patients here at Florida Dermatology Associates require up to six treatments spaced a few weeks apart. Fortunately, unlike cosmetic surgery, laser hair treatments require little prep and no downtime. Side effects, such as redness and tenderness at the treatment sites, are minimal and resolve quickly.

Additionally, you should know that laser skin treatments, including hair reduction, are completely safe. You'll wear protective eyewear throughout the procedure. The treatments are relatively comfortable with patients only reporting a sensation similar to an insect sting or rubber band snapping on the skin.

Find out more about laser hair reduction

Do you desire a beautifully smooth look for all your troublesome skin areas? Explore laser hair reduction at Florida Dermatology Associates. We have five locations (Cocoa, Titusville, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach, and Melbourne, FL) to serve all of your aesthetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery needs. Call us today at (321) 768-1600 to arrange your consultation with Dr. Moreno or Dr. Lee!